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Emperor Hurghada is offering a discount of 25% off specialty courses in line with the PADI Specialty of the month when you book your diving online. 

0510 PADI DUP_Logo.jpgThe month of May's speciality is Digital Underwater Photography - Diver. Take this course and you'll soon be making pictures like the pros and also learn to process your photos on the computer.

So get your camera out and come and join us to achieve your photo speciality.

For future months we will be updating you on the Speciality of the Month, so you can plan and pre-book your courses.

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Short on time?
Holidaying with your non-diving family?
Fancy a lie-in?
BUT still want to dive those incredible Red Sea sites?

El Gouna rib 017 april 2010.jpgNow you can! With Emperor Dive Tribe's

Enjoy a single dive from our fast boat to many of the usual day boat dive sites. Choose morning or afternoon, leaving the rest of the day to do as you please - or what the family pleases - or your partner - or...!

Just €25 + local taxes

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by Marine Biologist, Daniele Zanoni

Etymology: "nudus" (naked) and "brankia" (gills) from Latin.

Nudibranchs belong to phylum "Mollusca" (meaning soft), order "Opistobranchia" (meaning with hind gills) and it encompasses around 6000 known species.

Big Horn nembrotha (Nembrotha megalocera)

Pyjama nudibranch (Chromodoris quadricolor)

Although they have a small shell during the larval planktonic stage, once adults they completely lack a skeleton and they normally have a very large powerful foot used for locomotion. Almost all the nudibranchs are benthic, which means they live connected to the bottom of the sea. There are a very few exceptions to this rule. The Spanish dancer (Hexabrachus sanguineus) is a nudibranch capable of swimming by moving the edge of its body. The Glauco atlanticus has a pelagic life (in the water mass, not on the bottom) floating near the surface thanks to an air bubble trapped in the lower part of the body. Each and every one of these creatures is equipped with chemoreceptors called rhinophores placed on the nape. These antennae are the scent or taste centres and are used as sensory organs.

Eely, eely exciting!

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There was excitement at Fanous East in Hurghada today. On the pinnacle near the mooring buoy a free swimming moray eel swam past the guests and bolted into a hole. Dive guide Keith Provins and group followed cautiously and were rewarded with the sight of plumes of sand and much tail-thrashing from inside.

Keith swam round to investigate the other side of the hole and spotted a second tail. After more 'action' a second eel, smaller and probably female, shot out and made a beeline (or should that be eeline) for the gap between Keith's legs. Whilst watching her swim away it dawned on Keith that her amorous suitor may be in hot pursuit. He glanced back at the pinnacle just in time to see the large male shoot out of the hole. Fortunately for Keith he had time to get out of the way! 

There was some debate as to whether they were fighting or courting but it is that time of year for making baby eels!

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Thanks for being such a brick

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If you've visited Emperor Sharm in recent times, you will no doubt recall the 'Charity Wall'. Here guests were invited to buy a brick for charity and leave their name imprinted there for all to see. Well, your efforts and support have been fantastic and with your help Emperor has been able to donate £1700 to the Children's Cancer Hospital in Cairo.

Duncan McAllister, Sharm's Dive Centre Manager, would like to thank everyone who purchased a brick in the last two years. Due to its success, the team will soon be whitewashing another wall and starting all over again. Here's to another Brick in the Wall!

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