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Nuweiba's Ghost Pipefish is no apparition!

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Nuweiba Dive Centre Manager, Ute Friedrich, reports...

Never before have I seen one here, but just the other day in Ras El Shetan, I found the robust ghost pipefish. And what made it even better is that I was diving with Barnsley BSAC Divers. It took a little while to get everyone to recognise that this little thing was indeed alive and well and not some masquerading piece of ghostly seaweed!

David Patchett, Diveleader of the group, happily confirmed that none of the group members had ever seen anything like it before.

And the icing on the cake was that the same group saw two seahorses the day before in Magana!


'Dive Wimbledon' enjoys good match in Nuweiba

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0410 Dive Wimbledon nuweiba.jpgTwelve divers from Dive Wimbledon were recently given the usual warm welcome from Emperor Divers Nuweiba.  Some came for guided dives with the Emperor staff whilst others were here for PADI courses with Dive Wimbledon's first-rate instructors, Sophie Platteuw and Karen Curtis-Vincent.  By the end of the week there lots of new Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Nitrox divers all sporting happy faces!

And it was a bit of a coup for Julie Tsui from Dive Wimbledon who not only completed her PADI Open Water course but also became Emperor Nuweiba's 7,000th new guest! 

0410 Jayakar's Seahorse at Magana.jpgAnother highlight of the week for a few lucky divers was the first appearance of the season for Jayakar's Seahorse in the seagrass at our Magana dive site (pic right).

All the team of Emperor Divers in Nuweiba has been proud to show this excellent group from Dive Wimbledon the calm, stress free and peaceful Nuweiba experience!

And you can see the full 'picture' at Dive Wimbleon's Facebook page. Search on 'Dive Wimbledon do Nuweiba! March 2010'

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HEPCA improves northern dive site moorings

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HEPCA Logo_sm.jpgThe HEPCA Mooring Team recently completed their periodic maintenance rounds in the Northern Islands. Their five day trip established 19 new moorings and maintained nearly another 30. The trip included some of the reefs most visited by the diving industry including Shaab Abu Nuhas, Siyul Al Kabeir, Shabruhr Siyul (East and West), Onghosh and Siyul Al Sagheir.

Mustafa Abdulla, the Head of the Mooring Team said, "Our team had a great time; they were blessed with great sea conditions, and besides we always enjoy our trips to the pristine northern reefs!" He went on to thank HEPCA's members and supporters in the north, who play a vital role in reporting damaged moorings, missing buoys and mooring violations.



Emperor Divers [Sharm] was extremely professional.  By far the best dive organization USMA SCUBA has ever worked with and you can quote me on that if you'd like.  I greatly appreciate all your company's help, professionalism, and patience to make our week in Egypt the best it could be.

CDT Eric Bernau

Note from ED -
West Point is a NAUI Platinum Dive Center which is an elite status as a NAUI Organization.
In addition to training team members to become SCUBA instructors, the USMA Scuba Team also certifies members of the United States Corps of Cadets, as well as other military personnel and their families in NAUI SCUBA diving.


divetribe_logo.jpgThe Dive Tribe and Emperor Divers have teamed up to create Emperor Dive Tribe, El Gouna.

Adding to the long-established Emperor dive centres in Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Nuweiba and Sharm el Sheikh, divers now have an even greater choice to dive with Emperor Divers' expertise coupled with the Dive Tribe knowledge of the El Gouna area.

The Dive Tribe has an excellent reputation for quality, safety and service. Established in October 1999, the centre has won several awards for excellence and under the management of award-winning Red Sea dive company, Emperor Divers, guests can take advantage of an enjoyably enhanced experience. Together, the centre offers the full range of day diving and dive courses and a variety of water sports.

For more information on diving Emperor El Gouna, email


ED Awards Sharm - 2010

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Commentary by Duncan McAllister, Sharm's Dive Centre Manager

It's strange how all the important awards each year happen around the same time and you don't know which one to attend. There's the Oscars, Baftas, Emmys, Grammys and - most importantly - the EDs.

The EDs are voted for by the instructors themselves and therefore reflect their own ideas on how each individual performs. This year the awards were attended by everyone in the dive centre from jetty staff to boat crews and, of course, the instructors. It also made me realise we have over 55 staff here in Sharm and they all deserve a mention for their hard work throughout the year and the service they provide to our guests and friends.

Not only was it the first time so many of us had been together but it was also Dan's leaving do, so it all just seemed to fit into place as a great night and occasion.

So not to keep you in suspense anymore here are the categories, nominees and winners.

Favourite Instructor Award       Pete, Denis, Elise, Terry and Shaun  
The winner Denis
Team Player Award                Denis, Dan, Roger, Terry                   
The winner Terry
Most Social Award                 Roger, Mat, Elise, Shaun                  
The winner Roger
Most Improved Instructor         Liz, Ryan, Elise                               
The winner Ryan
Biggest Contributor                Carol, Ali (Senior Driver), Dan            
The winner Dan
Biggest Mistake                     Ryan, Steve P, Sonya                     
The winner Steve P
Favourite Egyptian Staff          Ali (Senior Driver), Gamal, Saad        
The winner Ali
Most Improved Egyptian Staff  Gamal, Saad, Ali (Equipment)          
The winner Saad
Best Boat                             Marcus, Shorouk, Kastan Sea                                    
The winner Kastan Sea


0310 Terry recieves his ED from Steve H.JPG  Terry receives his ED from Steve H

0310 Ali receives his ED from Denis.jpg   Ali receives his ED from Denis

0310 Dan receives his ED from Duncan.jpg   Dan receives his ED from Duncan 

0310 Denis recieves with ED from Carol.jpg   Denis receives his ED from Carol

0310 Roger receives his ED from Susi.jpg  Roger receives his ED from Susi

0310 Ryan recieves his ED from Tammi.jpg   Ryan receives his ED from Tammi  

0310 Steve P receives his ED from Laura.jpg Steve P receives his ED from Laura

0310 Saad recieves his ED from Dan.jpg   Saad recieves his ED from Dan




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