Surprise Marsa Alam dive ends in tears...happy ones!

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Bottlenose Dolphin encounter on 8th February 2010
By Sarah Iles, dive guide, Emperor Marsa Alam

Photo by Keith McKay

Keith McKay 20th Feb dolphin encounter sm.JPGAfter two very nice morning dives, I was a little disappointed when the Captain said we had to move as the wind had changed direction. Due to an unusual south wind we headed to Marsa Mubarak South reef.

We jumped in on a site that I knew had amazing corals and there to greet us were lots of big red snapper and spotted sweetlips.

Suddenly I was aware of a diver getting my attention. I turned to look and above us were five big bottlenose dolphins.

They came down to inspect us, swimming very close. They surfaced for air and then came back, playing around us before disappearing off into the blue.  Of course we were all elated, but it was time to turn back.

Swimming over a stunning hard coral garden we were still totally enjoying our encounter, when they came back! This time they started mimicking us swimming and coming even closer, right up to us as we made our way to the boat. WOW!  An incredible experience, made even better by a guest who was an instructor with over 2500 dives coming to me with tears in his eyes, saying he had never had a better dive.

Just goes to show that when you think that moving dive sites is a bad decision, surprises can happen and make your day.

Go diving in Marsa Alam - a whole lot more information awaits you here.

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