Dan has left the building - all because of a few Sperm Whales!

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Duncan McAllister, Sharm el Sheikh's dive centre manager, reports:

"Its official, after so many near encounters the end has finally come and the 'Dan Era' is over. After more than five years Dan Zanoni, Marine Biologist, has left the building and gone on to pastures new. We tried to keep him, but when you are up against someone's dream job you're always facing an uphill struggle.

Dan.jpgDan has always wanted a job that combined his diving, his degree (marine biology) and involved some form of research. Out of the blue in November he was approached by his old university in Norway with an offer to return and be in charge of their new Sperm Whale Research Team and it was just too much temptation to resist.

And so we say farewell to a very popular member of the team, but I am sure we will be able to get him to do some guest appearance articles for the Newsletter, as these have proved so popular. I wonder what those might be about?

He says to all his friends - if you ever want to go snorkelling with Killer Whales in November in Norway, feel free to make contact, but bring a dry suit and extra thermals, you'll need it."




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