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Whale of a 'shark time' in Hurghada

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Hurghada had a welcome surprise visit recently from a 4m whaleshark. Emperor dive guides spotted the visitor on the surface close to the shore near the Dive Centre marina.

whale shark regency sm.jpgEmperor dive guests were fortunate enough to be on the boat but, alas, not able to get into the water but, "The view from the boat was awe-inspiring."

New divemasters, Terry and Islam, said the guests were very happy with the days diving but that this was the 'icing on the cake!'

Note: Pic of similar model!


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Duncan McAllister, Sharm el Sheikh's dive centre manager, reports:

"Its official, after so many near encounters the end has finally come and the 'Dan Era' is over. After more than five years Dan Zanoni, Marine Biologist, has left the building and gone on to pastures new. We tried to keep him, but when you are up against someone's dream job you're always facing an uphill struggle.

Dan.jpgDan has always wanted a job that combined his diving, his degree (marine biology) and involved some form of research. Out of the blue in November he was approached by his old university in Norway with an offer to return and be in charge of their new Sperm Whale Research Team and it was just too much temptation to resist.

And so we say farewell to a very popular member of the team, but I am sure we will be able to get him to do some guest appearance articles for the Newsletter, as these have proved so popular. I wonder what those might be about?

He says to all his friends - if you ever want to go snorkelling with Killer Whales in November in Norway, feel free to make contact, but bring a dry suit and extra thermals, you'll need it."




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Surprise Marsa Alam dive ends in tears...happy ones!

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Bottlenose Dolphin encounter on 8th February 2010
By Sarah Iles, dive guide, Emperor Marsa Alam

Photo by Keith McKay

Keith McKay 20th Feb dolphin encounter sm.JPGAfter two very nice morning dives, I was a little disappointed when the Captain said we had to move as the wind had changed direction. Due to an unusual south wind we headed to Marsa Mubarak South reef.

We jumped in on a site that I knew had amazing corals and there to greet us were lots of big red snapper and spotted sweetlips.

Suddenly I was aware of a diver getting my attention. I turned to look and above us were five big bottlenose dolphins.

They came down to inspect us, swimming very close. They surfaced for air and then came back, playing around us before disappearing off into the blue.  Of course we were all elated, but it was time to turn back.

Swimming over a stunning hard coral garden we were still totally enjoying our encounter, when they came back! This time they started mimicking us swimming and coming even closer, right up to us as we made our way to the boat. WOW!  An incredible experience, made even better by a guest who was an instructor with over 2500 dives coming to me with tears in his eyes, saying he had never had a better dive.

Just goes to show that when you think that moving dive sites is a bad decision, surprises can happen and make your day.

Go diving in Marsa Alam - a whole lot more information awaits you here.

After a week of intensive training, Tekstreme is pleased to announce that all BSAC students and instructors passed their courses with flying colors.

From the Open Circuit side of technical diving, under the close supervision and direction of BSAC Technical instructors Ray McKee and Brian Smith, the week of training ran very smoothly. The students enjoyed dives on reefs such as Tower Reef and Woodhouse Canyon with the weather proving to be fantastic for most part of the week with crystal clear warm waters that remained calm and flat.

From the Closed Circuit side of technical diving, BSAC's Mike Rowley provided his expertise, tuition and knowledge to help the divers achieve their CCR advanced mixed gas instructor certificates.


IMG_0009 BSAC divers pass courses.JPGCongratulations to BSAC divers on completion of:
Peter Moody - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Peter Huntley - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Steve Capes - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Tony Smyth - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
Charlie Leeson - CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor

Congratulations also to Tekstreme technical instructors on completion of:
Cat Parfitt - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Sarah Woodford - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor & CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Chris Armstrong - OC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor & CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor
Shaun Lambert - OC Explorer Mixed Gas Instructor
Steve Hinton - OC Sports Mixed Gas Instructor

Said Tekstreme Manager, Cat Parfitt, "Personally I would like that to pay special thanks to Mike Rowley for giving us his time, experience and guidance in all aspects of the week. His in depth explanations, historical insights and general diving knowledge reflects his position and respect within the technical diving community.

Tekstreme is working very hard alongside BSAC to promote and provide technical training to offer UK divers a warm-water experience. Our BSAC Technical training centre can provide a base for instructors to teach their students. We can provide the support and local knowledge to make instruction easier.

Find out more at www.tekstremediving.com or email  info@tekstremediving.com


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Emperor teams up with Dive Tribe in El Gouna

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divetribe_logo.jpgDive Tribe and Emperor Divers have teamed up to create Emperor Dive Tribe, El Gouna; a great mix as you now have even more choice to dive with Emperor Divers coupled with the Dive Tribe experience of the El Gouna area.

The Dive Tribe has an excellent reputation for quality, safety and service. Established in October 1999, the centre has won several awards for excellence and is now managed by award-winning Red Sea dive company, Emperor Divers. Together, the centre offers the full range of day diving and dive courses and a variety of water sports.

Longwood is offering some excellent deals for groups so book your new diving experience today:




Nuweiba's Mimic Octopus disappears in a puff of smoke

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The very elusive Mimic Octopus has made another magical appearance for Emperor Divers in Nuweiba. At the start of a dive on the House Reef last month, guest, Jenny Johnson, managed to get a couple of quick shots of this little Mimic Octopus before it disappeared with a spurt of ink back to the sanctuary of its hole in the sand (first two pics). A kind of 'now you see me now you don't occasion!'

The Mimics have been here in Nuweiba for many years as this photo from regular visitor to Emperor Divers, Steve Mullooly, taken in 2005 shows (far right).

 Mimic octo Jenny.jpg  Mimic vanishes.JPG  Mimic Octo NuweibaSteve.JPG

Exploration Safaris - virgin diving

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0210 exploration trip photo.jpgDive where other dive boats have never dived before! Here's your chance to discover and explore new sites that even our most experienced dive guides haven't yet ventured.

We can't guarantee what you'll discover but we can guarantee a memorable time and an exciting adventure. It could be you discovering a new ancient wreck, an unknown destroyer such as the Myngs or a pristine reef! On the first and last days you'll dive some of the best known reefs in the St Johns and Fury Shoals area.

2010 dates:

Other dates available to groups on request.

Email safaris@emperordivers.com for more information

ASMAA_new sm.jpg"Excellent service, great guide, excellent food and unlike any other diving I've done before. Everyone was friendly and relaxed but very professional. Loved the help with getting dive gear on and off. Found the website very helpful; one of the reasons we chose Emperor Divers. Hats off to Juan our dive master, he really did an excellent job."

Kathryn Amerell, Valdez, AK, USA

New hotel choice for Sharm

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0210sharm_badawia1.jpgNew to Emperor's hotel choice is the Badawia Hotel, situated in the Om El Sid area of Sharm el Sheikh. This small, low rise hotel awaits you with a friendly welcome. Ideal for both couples and families as there are lots of on-hand amenities including a swimming pool and shuttle bus to the nearest beach with watersport facilities.

Although just a few minutes stroll away from the new shopping centre, El Mercato, the hotel is set back from the hustle and bustle. Rooms are set around the pool and sun terrace and have views of either the pool or gardens.

When you choose a Cruise & Stay package with Emperor, this hotel is part of your package.

Emperor Divers provides free transport to and from the dive centre each day for dive



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