From 'child to adult' this the same Nuweiba Frogfish?

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As many visitors to Emperor Divers, Nuweiba, know, this is a great location for regular sightings of the elusive Frogfish.  They vary from tiny little finger nail size specimens to the much larger - and thus named - Giant Frogfish.

Frogfish change colour over time to match their surroundings and, not surprisingly, grow larger as they grow older.  Underwater photographer and frequent visitor to Emperor Nuweiba, Jan Davies, has sent us four photos from 2005 to 2009 of what he believes to be the same Frogfish showing how it has adapted its colouration over the years with its surroundings.

Are there any Frogfish experts out there who can confirm that this could be the same fish growing older over the years?

Frog 2005.JPG




Frogfish 2005






Frog 2006 sm.jpg



Frogfish 2006







Frog 2007 sm.jpg




Frogfish 2007












Frog 2008 sm.jpg





Frogfish 2008


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