Safari Report - Emperor Fraser - 4/11 December

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by dive guides Sonia and Juan

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Emperor Fraser
4-11 December 2009
Sonia and Juan
Classic North Cruise
Dive one: Poseidon Garden Shaab el Erg, very large school of masked butterfly fish and banner fish, beautiful.
Dive two: Carnatic, very beautiful light, with all the soft corals on the bow puffed up and some glassfish, very scenic also moray eel, puffers, and many pipefish.
Night dive: Abu Nuhas Reef, cuttlefish, synapta sea cucumber, lots of shrimp and crabs
Weather: sunny
Wind: Indicate force and direction: 10-15 Knots from North
Water Temperature and Visibility: 24C and 30m

Dive one: Giannis D with very clear visibility, beautiful, lots of fusiliers everywhere, and the engine room and adjacent quarters filled with glassfish and copper sweepers, awesome! Also a school of batfish by the bow. Very relaxing dive and very scenic.
Dive two: Small Passage at Shaab Mahmoud, saw an EAGLE RAY, yippee, and also beautiful fan corals, lots of soft corals, amazing table coral gardens, red anemone, eel garden, turtle sleeping fantastic, current was coming out so we did only the outside, which was beautiful!
Dive three: Dunraven, fantastic visibility, had two free swimming moray eels, schools of jacks, goatfish and sweetlips, the school of batfish was by the propeller, fantastic, and also all the lush soft corals puffed up, amazing, on the reef saw TWO STONEFISH, awesome, one upside down in a hole all body exposed, and the other one on top of a porite coral block in a hole as well, beautiful!
Night dive: Beacon Rock, lionfish, basket star, scorpionfish, sea urchins, crabs
Weather: sunny
Wind: Indicate force and direction: 10-15 from North
Water Temperature and Visibility: 24C and 30 m

Dive one: Shark Reef and Yolanda, moderate current, soft corals amazing everywhere, napoleon fish, morays, simply gorgeous dive!
Dive two: Anemone City, such a completely beautiful dive, so many soft corals, huge table corals, lots of anemones with clouds of black damsels and anemone fish, lots of chocolate dip damsels, absolutely fantastic dive!
Dive three: Thistlegorm, did the inside, with no other boat diving, only towards the end everybody got in and the ship turned into a Jacuzzi for us on the safety stop.... The best about the dive was the school of more than 100 batfish hovering above the wreck.
Weather: sunny
Wind: Indicate force and direction: 15-20 knots from N, quite rough
Water Temperature and Visibility: 24C and 30m

Dive one: Thistlegorm with great visibility and lots of batfish, the huge school still there, awesome, and also all the pink anemones on the wire at the stern all open really beautiful. The current was moderate, so we could visit the locomotive as well as make a tour of the stern, all the banner fish in the blast area. Was really nice dive!
Dive two: Kingston and Shag Rock reef, everybody loved it, because the reef is so gorgeous and pristine, and also the wreck so covered in corals. Large schools of goatfish as well as an EAGLE RAY!!! On the way out there were about 30 dolphins on the surface.
Dive three: Barge at Gubal with all the nasties standing by, moray eels, scorpionfish, lionfish, small white morays, yellow goatfish school hunting on the bottom, crocodile fish, anemone carriers, sea urchins, fantastic dive!
Night dive: Barge again and the same nasties still there, as well as the giant old moray... free swimming.... Great! Everybody's favourite night dive...
Weather: sunny
Wind: Indicate force and direction: 15 knots from north, quite rough
Water Temperature and Visibility: 23C and 20m

Dive one: Bluff Point with no current and beautiful fans and clouds of anthias and glassfish, lots of morays and lionfish and..... what really made our dive perfect was the appearance at the end of the dive of 3 BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS staying with us for about 10 minutes, just under us, taking turns in brushing themselves against a set of black coral bushes, coming up to get air past us, eyeing us close up teasingly, and going done again to have another brush... it can't get much better for birthday present...
Dive two: Siyul Kebir, very awesome dive as usual. Stayed around the special pinnacle for ages, enjoying the view of all the glassfish and silversides, as well as all the soft corals, two yellowmouth morays, plenty cleaner shrimp, hingebeak shrimp, humpback shrimp, plenty blennies poking their heads out of the holes, longnose hawk fish on the gorgonian fan, beautiful!!! No frogfish this week, gone walkies.... Along the reef schools of goatfish, moray eels, and clouds of anthias, lionfish and scorpionfish.
Dive three: Gota Shaab El Erg, quite strong current coming from the south, but everybody loved the very pristine hard coral garden and the schools of goatfish, also a large crocodile fish, and a huge school of glassfish and copper sweepers in the shallows, as well as a school of silversides above them, being chased around by jacks, very beautiful!
Night dive: Shaab El Erg, Spanish dancer, turtle, stonefish, anemone carrier hermit crab, moray, stingray, everybody loved it. Weather: cloudy all day and cool
Wind: Indicate force and direction: smooth seas, 10 knots N
Water Temperature and Visibility: 24C and 30 meters

Dive one: Giftun Drift, very gorgeous, all the fan corals beautiful and then the shallow reef covered in soft corals and lots of anthias and damsels, as well as many large morays, porcupine fish mating, schooling black snapper, and also a large jackfish touring around, gorgeous dive!
Dive two: Gota Abu Ramada north and west sides, as the current was coming from SE direction. All loved it, again large morays and many schooling fish, including sweetlips, beautiful!
Weather: sunny
Wind: Indicate force and direction: 10-15 knots from north, rough
Water Temperature and Visibility: 23C and 30 meters

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