Ras Mamlach - clearest-water cracks & weird creatures?

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0110 Ras Mamlach crack 002emp.jpgOne and a half hours south of Nuweiba, along the coastal track by jeep, lies the remote and beautiful dive site of Ras Mamlach in the Abu Galum National Park. The diving here offers pretty coral gardens and a spectacular wall festooned with black corals dropping into the abyss.
During the surface interval, a short walk along the shore will bring you to another interesting feature of this remote location. 
Several years ago an earthquake caused two long and narrow cracks to be formed on the shore running inland. About 2 metres wide and dropping down to around 6 to 8 metres, the water in these cracks is extremely clear and0110 Ras Mamlach crack 006emp.jpg not as salty as the sea probably because it is a mix of seawater and fresh underground water from the nearby mountains of the Sinai.
We have yet to discover if there are any weird creatures living in this newly formed habitat such as the blind shrimps found in similar cracks near to Ras Mohamed. Only time and the intrepidness of the dive guide will tell!

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