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0110 Ras Mamlach crack 002emp.jpgOne and a half hours south of Nuweiba, along the coastal track by jeep, lies the remote and beautiful dive site of Ras Mamlach in the Abu Galum National Park. The diving here offers pretty coral gardens and a spectacular wall festooned with black corals dropping into the abyss.
During the surface interval, a short walk along the shore will bring you to another interesting feature of this remote location. 
Several years ago an earthquake caused two long and narrow cracks to be formed on the shore running inland. About 2 metres wide and dropping down to around 6 to 8 metres, the water in these cracks is extremely clear and0110 Ras Mamlach crack 006emp.jpg not as salty as the sea probably because it is a mix of seawater and fresh underground water from the nearby mountains of the Sinai.
We have yet to discover if there are any weird creatures living in this newly formed habitat such as the blind shrimps found in similar cracks near to Ras Mohamed. Only time and the intrepidness of the dive guide will tell!

HEPCA proves Red Sea recycling works

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Since August 2009, the Egyptian government has granted HEPCA sole responsibility for the management of waste collection and recycling in the southern Red Sea. The scheme has achieved some incredible results - proof that recycling really does make a difference and dramatically helps to reduce daily damage to the environment.

HEPCA Logo_sm.jpgHEPCA's latest figures show an outstanding success rate in helping to reduce the Red Sea's carbon footprint:



The following are the figures recycled each month:


more than 8.5 tonnes of paper and cartons saving:
- 145 trees
- 34 barrels of oil
- 25 cubic metres of landfill space
- 34,000kw hours of energy
- 59,500 gallons of water.

Simply put, the monthly HEPCA recycled paper total saves enough energy for heat, electricity and air-conditioning for the average Egyptian home for almost 30 months!


more than 41,500 cans saving:
- enough energy to run a television, or operate a computer for 14 years, or a computer centre with 20 computers for over one year.


at least 6000kg of glass saving:
- enough energy to power a computer for 296 days, a 100-watt light bulb for 5.93 years and saves the equivalent of 272 litres of oil.


almost 259,000 plastic bottles and parts saving:
- enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 89.9 years.


an average of 4.5 tonnes of steel and tin saving:
- 24.9 tonnes of iron ore, 14 tonnes of coal, and 1.2 tonnes of limestone.

HEPCA saves around 65 tonnes of CO2 pollutants from entering the atmosphere of the Red Sea each month.

HEPCA's solid waste management strategy is not only concerned with saving the environment but also saving livelihoods. Many valuable employment opportunities have been created for the local community in waste collection, transportation and staffing at the MRF. Further employment and income is also generated through the selling on of recyclable material. We estimate an additional 70 jobs will be created annually in support of this program.


Hurghada plays host to resident octopus

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0110 hrg Octopus marina.jpgNews just in from the team in Hurghada is that they've been playing 'host' to a resident octopus.

Says dive centre manager, Sharon El Shoura, "This little chap arrived about 5 days ago and has been around the marina area but looks like he's now moving on. And if he is a she then we apologise!"

Team Hurghada also reports sightings on the house reef of a turtle and eagle ray!

More on diving Hurghada.

Red Sea liveaboard Emperor Fraser sinks

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At approximately 16:30 hrs on 16th December Red Sea liveaboard, Emperor Fraser, was moored at Dunraven near Sharm el Sheikh. While the 11 guests on board, from the UK, Australia, Finland and Holland, were doing their second dive of the day the wind direction changed suddenly causing the rear mooring lines to break free. With divers underwater the captain was unable to start the engines in order to prevent the boat from colliding with the reef, causing a breach in the hull.

The crew immediately recalled the divers and attempted to plug the rupture. However, this proved impossible and the captain took the decision to abandon ship onto the zodiacs.

Emperor Fleet headquarters helped coordinated the rescue, which included the Egyptian Navy and other dive boats. All guests, guides and crew were picked up by the Egyptian Navy and taken to the nearest port, Sharm el Sheikh, where they were met by Emperor staff, provided with new clothes and taken to the Hilton Dreams Hotel. 

Emperor Divers would like to express their thanks to the Egyptian Navy and CDWS for their assistance.

Emperor Divers is deeply regretful that this unfortunate accident has affected our guests' holiday and is doing everything possible to provide them with diving in the Sharm and Hurghada areas before they fly home. Sadly the Emperor Fraser, a favoured boat for many divers over the past few years, is unsalvageable. Guests with a forward booking on Fraser will be contacted by Emperor Reservations to discuss alternatives or contact

Safari Report - Emperor Fraser - 4/11 December

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by dive guides Sonia and Juan

Dates of safari:
Dive guides:
Exit-Enter Harbor:
Emperor Fraser
4-11 December 2009
Sonia and Juan
Classic North Cruise

When the Red Sea Wants to Say 'Thanks!'

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First-hand report by Gabriel and Maria - Emperor Dive Guides on liveaboard, Elite

Jacques Cousteau called the Red Sea "the corridor of marvels" and it is in this corridor where the Red Sea keeps its most precious treasures; Brother Islands, Daedalus, Elphinstone Reef, off shore reefs made up of stunning walls, smothered with a variety of soft and hard corals, surrounded by thousands of colorful reef fishes. And then there's the 'big stuff' patrolling the area; sharks, mantas, tuna, giant barracudas and Napoleon wrasse.

The Red Sea often wants to show off 'simply the best' of what is has to offer, and we found these conditions on an Elite liveaboard safari recently.

New 'Simply the Best' video

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Dive our 'Simply the Best' itinerary right now with this new video.

Filmed by Lars W Møller, Norway
'Simply the Best' itinerary on Emperor liveaboard, Elite
Red Sea, Oct 2009

Safari Report - Emperor Elite

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by dive guides, Sonia and Marc

Dates of safari:
Dive guides:
Exit-Enter Harbor:
Pax number:
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20-27 Nov 2009
Sonia and Marc
North Classic
Spanish, UK, Austrian



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