Sharm's 'A' list marine life sightings & where to find them

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In just 6 days, this is the 'A' list line up for marine life sightings that guests at Emperor Sharm have enjoyed.

Now is the time to book those flights and let Emperor do the rest (well the fish play a bit of a part in it too...)



Friday            Black Tip, large shoals of Giant Trevallies,

                     Snappers, Batfish               Shark Reef/Ras Mo


Sat                   Manta                             Ras Ulm Sid/Local

                        Large Feather Tail            Ras Gamilla/Tiran


Sun                  Manta, 2 x Turtles            Amphoras/Local

                        Marbled Sting Ray           Fiddle Garden/Local


Mon                  Manta, Feather Tail Ray   Ras Ulm Sid/Local

                        Dolphins                          Ras Mo


Wed                 Manta                              Tower/Loca


Thursday           2 x Turtles                       Ras Ghozlani/Ras Mo                           


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