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0809 blue cocktail blue-cocktail-su-1010551-l.jpgA couple of weeks ago, Sharm's dive centre manager, Duncan McAllister, held a cocktail party for some of the staff. As the creative juices flowed, their thoughts turned to creating an Emperor cocktail. Several versions were concocted but we need your help with deciding the official WINNING cocktail.

In the end it was decided that it should really be a proper cocktail made in a shaker and poured into a Martini/Collins glass, the classic 'Y' type glass. You can read shot for part, or reduce the quantities as you wish. They should be made in a shaker with three icecubes and served chilled into an empty glass (tip: put the glass in the freezer for 10 minutes before using). The two contenders are as follows:

1. Vodka (1 part), Malibu (1 part), Blue Curacao (1 part), pineapple juice (4 parts) - top with a cherry and umbrella as appropriate.

2. Vodka (1 part), White Rum (1 part), coconut cream (1 part) and pineapple juice (4 parts) - topped as above.

We also made a 'Red Sea Breeze' and a 'Tiran Island Ice'; our versions of a Sea Breeze and Long Island Iced Tea:

Red Sea Breeze - Vodka (1 part), fresh lemon (1 part), grapefruit juice (2 parts), dash of Grenadine - made in a shaker with 3 cubes of ice.

Tiran Island Ice   - Vodka (1/2 part), Gin (1/2 part), Tequila (1/2 part), White Rum (1/2 part), fresh lemon (1 part), soda and lemonade to taste. Serve in a highball on the rocks.

Have some fun making them at home - especially the 'Emperor Blue' and vote for your favourite. We will then get the winning cocktail served in the Debrief Bar at Sharm's dive centre ready for your delectation!

Do please leave a comment and VOTE for your favourite to  help Sharm's bar do its Tom Cruise bit...well you might need to use your imagination!

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