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Frogfish in Marsa Alam?

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Marsa is famed for its dugong, huge turtles, Elphinstone's sharks and the dolphins at Dolphin House. However, guests occasionally ask the Marsa Alam team what type of fish they have just seen and describe "a small blob walking very slowly". The guides normally smile politely and ask them to drink more water! But when dive guide, Mo, spotted one for himself he had to get proof otherwise he would never live it down.

Luckily returning Emperor Marsa guest, Tracey Heaps, was close by with her camera and got this great picture of a tiny Frogfish. Well done Mo and Tracey for a fantastic find! And we all believe you now!

Abu Dabab/Dugong trips from Hurghada

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Now you can combine the fantastic wrecks, reefs and nightlife of Hurghada with a day trip to the famous Red Sea bay - Marsa Abu Dabab. Situated close to Emperor Diver's Marsa Alam Centre, this is a shore dive famous for sightings of giant green sea turtles, guitar sharks and its star attraction - dugongs.

The transfer is a worthwhile excursion in itself as you are collected from your hotel ready to enjoy the scenic drive through the desert to the dive site. On the way you pass the ferry port of Safaga and picturesque El Quseir, which gives you a glimpse of real Egypt including the ancient fort built by the Romans and renovated by British and French colonial forces.

Two spectacular dives await you on the world renowned sea grass of Marsa Abu Dabab. Giant green sea turtles are guaranteed and guitar sharks and stingrays of many varieties can be found foraging the sea grass for food. Normally a dugong can also be found munching away but you should also keep a look out for the smaller things - double ended pipefish, marbled snake eels, snake blennies to name but a few.
by Chris Gooda, Dive Centre Manager, Hurghada

Chris is a PADI and BSAC instructor and has dived in the UK, the Mediterranean, USA, Maldives and extensively in the Red Sea. He was involved in the EDMA Dugong Survey and has regularly delivered presentations on dugongs and other marine life.

Emperor Divers, Hurghada, is presenting a 'one-off' chance to discover fascinating facts about undersea ecology that will enhance your diving experience and give you a new respect for the underwater world. Chris explains...

"After a day's diving on Saturday, in the evening you will learn about the Dolphins of the Red Sea. On Sunday morning you will be taken on one of Emperor's luxury day boats to two dive sites where pods of Bottlenose Dolphins are frequently sighted.

In the evening we will talk about Coral Reef Ecology and Symbiosis (the way different animals live together) before seeing it in action on some of Hurghada's liveliest coral reefs the next day.

Now the fun really starts; you'll learn about all about Dugongs, an endangered species and regularly spotted at Marsa Abu Dabab. You can join an optional excursion to this site near our sister centre in Marsa Alam (€45 supplement) where you'll dive with giant green sea turtles, guitar sharks and hopefully see the main event - a bone fide Dugong.

On other days you will learn all about the amazing array of camouflaged life that calls the Red Sea home. From Stonefish to Scorpion Fish, Sea Moths to Octopuses you'll find out all about the different methods of staying hidden and why different fish use different tactics.

The next day you will visit two dive sites which are famous for their camouflaged life and your dive guide will give some tips on how to best spot them (and will hopefully find some for you as well)!

On the penultimate evening you'll look to the future, considering what may happen to the world's oceans and what you can do to help shape the future of our seas. On the final day of diving there will then be a chance to take action and help with a beach and dive-site cleanup (optional), before heading off to a special Divers' Night party to celebrate a great week!"

This event is FREE for all guests already diving with Emperor Divers in Hurghada between the 6 - 11 June.

Book now to avoid disappointment and join the team for a very special week.
  • Package price with FREE event: €350 per person (based on 2 sharing)
  • Includes:airport transfers, 7 nights B & B at the Sea Garden Hotel, 6 days diving (2 dives per day), food at Divers' Night on the final evening.
  • Flights, equipment rental and all other meals and drinks are not included.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers with Emperor Divers.

Extra winter flights to Sharm with Libra

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Libra Holidays is increasing its winter regional flights to Sharm el Sheikh.

Additional flights will run from Leeds/Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle airports and start from the autumn until April 2010.
The operator's head of aviation Peter Kyriacou said: "As a destination outside the eurozone and one which offers excellent standards of all-inclusive accommodation, given the current economic climate, demand from Sharm el Sheikh has increased for winter 2009-10.
"This has resulted in us introducing additional regional departures in order to increase capacity and meet market demand."



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