How 'popcorn' demolished Sharm's 'Blue Wall'

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Dive Centre Manager, Duncan McAllister, reports...

"If you have ever dived with Emperor Sharm you will know what was meant by The Blue Wall. It was that round table by the office where all the Emperor instructors sat at the end of the day having their beer and only a very few brave guests would enter the circle of blue shirts. For years different managers have tried to break down that wall using various means; some ideas being the Charity Wall, the building of a shaded area with more tables and lighting and the establishment of the De-Brief Bar, but all to no avail.

We relocated the De-Brief Bar to the poolside at the Bay View Hotel and brought the shaded area and tables with us, but still no joy. We sat for the first week around the table as always and it seemed The Blue Wall had survived the move. That was until 'popcorn' was found.

In our second week, unbeknown to us, the hotel barmen started to serve popcorn at the bar. First it was the quick-witted and smart guests that moved up to the bar area but The Blue Wall held. Then Roger and Dav deserted the round table, keeping the secret of popcorn to themselves and so The Blue Wall held. By day three the truth was out, popcorn was being served at the bar, and The Blue Wall crumbled. So, if you like a divers bar (with discounted beer), mixing with the instructors, and popcorn, you know where to come."

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