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Last year saw some spectacular activity from whale sharks. The now famous 'bait ball' dive occurred at the end of July and signs are already auguring well for similar 'big fish' encounters. Anticipation is growing of another impressive pelagic year in the Red Sea after a sighting by Emperor Divers' guides and guests of a manta in mid-January in Sharm El Sheikh and a 7-metre whale shark this month in Hurghada.

Those brave yellow defenders - the anemone fish

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By marine biologist, Daniele Zanoni

More and more people refer to these fish as Nemos. Others call them clown fish. The English common name of the ones we normally see in Sharm El Sheikh is anemone fish (Amphiprion bicintus). They are abundant in coral reef shallow waters. Their main body colour is yellow with two vertical white stripes. If they live in very shallow waters, their back might turn black due to the ultraviolet radiations penetrating the water.



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