Overweight? Team Hurghada has a few tips

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Could you do with losing a few kilos while you dive? Removing weight can improve your air consumption, reduce the amount of air going into and out of your BCD and give you a more relaxed, streamlined dive. Take some tips from the Hurghada Team on how to descend with your optimum weighting.
  • The first few metres - People often struggle to descend the first few metres on a dive, but remember once your suit and other air spaces begin to compress you will become significantly less buoyant and will need to add air to your BCD to stop a runaway descent.
  • Breathe out and relax - When you are attempting to descend it is very important that you exhale very deeply and relax to reduce your lung volume, allowing you to drop those all important first few metres. If you close your eyes, breathe and relax for a few seconds - when you open your eyes you will (if properly weighted) have magically descended a metre or two. Don't forget the all-important equalizing too!
  • Position weights carefully - Make sure that you have positioned your weights appropriately on your weightbelt, in your integrated weight pockets, trim pockets or on your tank. A common problem is divers feeling as if they are overbalancing and moving their arms and legs to reposition themselves - which then pushes them towards the surface. It is vital to keep still and relax during the early stages of a descent.
  • Empty your BCD - Think carefully about the location of the dump valves and deflator hose on your BCD and ensure you orientate your body to ensure every last drop of air is removed.
  • If all else fails... - Whatever you do don't try to swim down. If you are unable to descend using the tricks and techniques above then you will need a little more lead. If you try to swim down when under-weighted, not only will you look silly, but you may have real trouble completing your safety stop at the end of the dive without drifting off to the surface.
Ideally at the end of the first dive of your trip take some time to check your ability to descend with an almost empty tank (30bar). A 12l tank will be around 2kg lighter and a 15l tank 2.5kg lighter than it was when it was full. Once you've checked your weighting at the end of the dive, take off one additional kilo and check your weight again - if you relax completely you might be surprised how easily you can still descend.

For a real weight removing workout, why not join us for the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course. One student managed to reduce the amount of lead he was carrying from 14kg to 6kg in just one day!

Good luck with your weight loss challenge, please do let us know how you get on and if you have any other tips that you would like to share - why not post some ideas on the Emperor Forum.

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