Leopard shark visits Nuweiba

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On a fine November morning guests Jem Freeman and Katherine Tsang, together with Emperor Nuweiba's diving assistant Basem and dive centre manager Jim Pickup, visited the popular local dive site, Outside Hilton.

The reef starts at just a few metres depth and slopes gently down to around 30 metres. On the many small pinnacles and old large table corals hang beautiful soft corals of purple and orange together with some incredibly bright red coloured sponges making this a firm favourite with underwater photographers. Coupled with the chances of spotting Garden Eels, perhaps a Frogfish and numerous Scorpion Fish you never know what surprises this reef has to offer.

Today's surprise was resting on the sand at 28 metres, seemingly unconcerned with the presence of four very happy divers! It was a Leopard Shark (Stegostoma varium) of around 2 metres in length. As a juvenile, this shark is black and white striped hence its other common name, the Zebra Shark. Today's individual was just at the end of its change from juvenile to adult and was still showing the remains of its stripes. Just another interesting revelation from Nuweiba's unusual underwater ecosystem!

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