New 'Exploration' and 'Best of Exploration' Safaris

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exploration wreck

Exploration Safaris take you to reef systems that other safari boats have never dived. Here's your chance to discover and explore new sites that even our most experienced dive guides have never visited before. We can't guarantee what you'll discover but we can guarantee a memorable time and an exciting adventure. It could be you discovering new ancient wreck (see Diver magazine July 2008); an unknown destroyer such as the Myngs or a pristine reef! On the first and last days you'll dive some of the best know reefs in the St Johns and Fury Shoals area.

Best of Exploration Safaris take you to the most interesting sites discovered on the previous four years of Exploration Safaris. Come with us to the 'top secret' sites where you'll dive the best known reefs (Daedalus, Elphinstone and St. Johns) with far lesser known sites as far south as the Elba Reef system. You might see other boats at the better known sites but we can almost guarantee you will be alone with the sea, reefs and your fellow divers on quite a few of the days.


01 - 15 May 'Best of Exploration'

17 - 31 July 'Exploration'

20 November - 4 December 'Exploration'

Other dates available to groups on request

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