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New liveaboard 5-day film and edit course

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Jeff Goodman, director and award-winning cameraman, is to lead a new series of courses aimed at improving the art of good underwater video production while at the same time realising the incredible wealth and diversity of our planet's marine life.

Film courses
These new courses are being pioneered by Emperor Divers on Gold Fleet luxury liveaboards in May and November 2009. A maximum of 10 guests will be able to learn from one of the best underwater cameramen in the industry and will need their own video camera and housing for filming and a laptop with associated equipment for editing.

"This is ideal for divers who are competent in the water and have good background knowledge of how their camera works. We'll be looking at how to get the best out of their camera systems and exploring the techniques of observing and capturing wildlife behaviour with an end goal of producing a professional looking two-minute DVD," explains Jeff.

Rough Guides recommends Emperor Divers

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Rough Guides recommends Emperor Divers as the dive centre of choice when visiting the Red Sea...here's an extract that gives you an insight into the wonders that await you:
1108 rough guides logo.jpg"Egypt's underwater world
For snorkellers and scuba divers the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba are heaven-sent destinations. Thanks to their relative isolation from the Indian Ocean, they harbour a high concentration of marine species found nowhere else on the planet, as well as many more common creatures, no less fascinating. Furthermore, the stable climate, shallow tides and exceptionally high salinity of the Red Sea provide perfect conditions for unusually brilliant corals and sponges to flourish - a revelation if you have previously snorkelled in such places as Hawaii or the Caribbean, whose reefs will ever after seem dull by comparison."

Robert Eagle pens an ode to Superior

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Robert Eagle and pal Henry from Melton Divers had such a good time in Hurghada recently that Robert wrote a little ode about their time on Emperor Superior...well done you!

In July it was my good fortune to be
Aboard Emperor Superior sailing the Red Sea
For our group it was the first trip
Aboard this splendid live-aboard ship
Fitted out no expense spared
Luxury accommodation we all shared
Lisa the Red Sea Belle
And her partner Nick looked after us well
Our destination two islands called The Brothers
One much larger than the other
Little Brother our first dive
Proved to be a bumpy ride
As the Zodiac rode wave after wave
It was a dive fit only for the brave!
Dive site reached without a blip
We left the Zodiac with a backward flip
What a treat this dive proved to be
A panoply of sights to see
Full grown Reef Sharks and a Thresher too
Swimming out in the blue
Two days we spent at this dive spot
With strong currents and weather hot
Finally we said goodbye
And set off for other sites to try
Salem Express and El Arish El-Tor
Two wrecked Ferries on the sea floor
An hour long dive at Ras Disha
With all the life and fish a
Diver could hope to see
When diving in the clear Red Sea
We finally docked at port Hurghada
The crew and guides could not have worked harder
To make our holiday one to remember
When sitting by the fire in cold December
All too soon the week was done
As we flew home in the setting sun.

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by Emperor Dive Guide, Daniele Zanoni

Since I started working in the diving industry, I have been asked many questions like, "Why do I have to urinate a lot after a dive?" or "Why do I need to drink more water whilst diving?"
So here is my explanation without using too many medical terms.
It's now a CDWS (Egyptian Chamber of Diving and Watersports) requirement that anyone who enters the water must wear proper gear and be observed by a dive master from the boat.

Mary Gleeson, Marketing and PR Co-ordinator for CDWS explains:

When clients join organised excursions; the operator has responsibilities and a few points must be considered:

  • Clients must complete liability forms
  • Clients must receive a proper briefing (to include planning, directions, precautions, emergencies etc) from a professional (certified snorkel guide or higher) - holding a CDWS ID Professional card who will have supervision over the activities.
  • A snorkelling vest should be used when snorkelling
  • Supervision maybe be from the surface or in water depending on the site, sea condition, competence, certification, abilities and needs of others
When swimmers go on their own (ie join a boat of divers):
  • Clients must complete liability forms
  • Clients should receive a briefing
  • Guests may just swim with a mask and snorkel
  • If swimming in the open sea, a personal floatation device is recommended
As told by Hannah

Hannah Hancock
"My name is Hannah, I am 17 years old and currently attending a sixth form college in Cambridge. This summer I decided to do something different compared to my friends and travelled to Egypt to get some experience in the diving industry as I had decided a year ago that I wanted to become a diving instructor. I had completed my Open Water course two and a half years ago with Emperor Divers and I really trusted the company, that's why I decided to get the experience with them.

Not only was I going to experience a new adventure into the diving industry, but it was also my first time of travelling alone - a very exciting time for me. Before I travelled I worried about everything as I wanted to be prepared for the next six weeks. I got every drug in the chemist and packed all the clothes I could possibly fit in to my suitcase which was not so beneficial at the airport as I was on my own carrying everything!



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