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Report by Derek Oldham aboard Emperor Superior, August 08

Melton Divers last week enjoyed the pure luxury of Emperor's super class boat, Superior. Joining the boat after an eventful flight on the Friday evening, it was pleasant to be welcomed by the efficiency of the guide to the boat.
By RIB to the dive deck first impressions of the obvious pure luxury were to last the week. Introductions by video were impressive and the personal standard was already showing. A night's sleep and into the first dive prior to the trip to Brother Island...how pleasant to have en-suite space to reflect and to sleep as the journey to the Brothers commenced with fantastic food, space and comfort - expertise par excellence that any diver would enjoy.

Nitrox standard, three RIBs and Brother Islands...but those currents! The wind had strengthened from the north, the swell increased with the diving to the very limit of the older members of the group! Safety, however, prevailed with separate groups being taken to somewhat calmer waters where diving of unprecedented quality was experienced. Hammerheads, Sharks, Dolphins, Napoleons, Frogfish, Red Sea Banners and Fusiliers by the thousand. The list was endless. Wrecks for the more adventurous as long as the currents were accepted in the glimpse of the wrecks as you sped past. By Monday a decision was made to seek calmer less demanding waters.

The subsequent visit to the Salem Express, El Arish El Tor, Safaga Island, Tobia Arbaaras, Abu Soma, Ras Disha and El Mina was now proving that this plan was really worth while. The kitchen still providing the feast of magnificent breakfast, mid day meal and dinner. To dive, to shower and to lose oneself in the spacious decks, to just relax - pure luxury. The trip to the Brothers was crowned with a visit to the top of the Lighthouse leaving little thought for the mundane items of work at home. The dive to the Salem Express, a sunken ferry, was a sobering experience and this, coupled with some really calm night diving, was rapidly bringing this adventure to an end.

The care, indeed loving care, shown by Nicolas and Lisa is an example to all of us when dealing with clients. Dive safely, that is of such importance so expressly shown by Lisa and Nicholas. The crew were outstanding and particularly appreciated by the older members (!) in the rough conditions around the Brothers. Reflecting on the way back, Emperor Divers are so efficient, the staff so courteous, the boats so clean and well laid out that only but a few would consider diving with anyone else. Safety safety, so vital is a theme clearly shown by the concern of Lisa and Nicholas in the currents and whirlpools of the Brothers. Melton Divers wish to thank all who made this trip of a lifetime possible. Thank you Emperor; you are ACE!

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