Another wreck for Hurghada - the Mohammed Hasabella

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Situated just two minutes sailing from Emperor Divers' marina is the wreck of the Mohammed Hasabella, an Egyptian fishing trawler.

Now lying at a maximum depth of 34 metres on the seabed and rising to 20 metres at the top of the winch gear on the stern deck, it rests just to the south of the already popular wreck of the minesweeper known as El Mina. The Mohammed Hasabella is usually located by descending on the El Mina shot line then heading off south from the stern of the wreck. After just a minute of swimming, you'll see the bows of the wreck.

Completely intact, the wreck offers some exciting exploration for the diver, although care must be taken due to the small size of some of the doorways and the presence still of some fishing nets on the stern deck. Swimming round to the propeller is evidence of the length of the time the vessel had been out of work - huge soft corals are hanging from the underside of the stern and the rudder. A large shoal of fusiliers is usually hanging around the wreck and with the sunlight coming through the superstructure it offers some great photo opportunities.

Because of the depth of the wreck, divers must be careful with their no decompression time, although it does offer the technical divers a good site to practice their skills on!

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