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From Recreational to Technical Diver in five days

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By Scott Foster

Last month my girlfriend Susi and I finally took the step from recreational diving to technical diving. As Emperor Diver Instructors we obviously did this through Tekstreme (the technical wing of Emperor). The courses we were to be doing were TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures.

These courses increase your Nitrox knowledge and teach you how to use Decompression Procedures - for these purposes you learn to dive in a wing, back plate and twinsets. Then just as you think you're almost getting to grips with that lot, they throw a sling at you just to help you with your 'Dolphiness' dive style. You spend the first couple of days finding your way around the equipment, which involves trying to make the correct hand do the correct thing at the correct time! Trust me, it sounds easy, it even makes sense, but could I get it to work under the water?

Red Sea to be plastic bag free

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The Governor of the Red Sea in Egypt has ordered that the Red Sea will be the first plastic bag free Governorate with effect from 1 January 2009. This decree represents a considerable step forward in tackling the issues caused by excess rubbish and in particular plastic bags in the Red Sea. These pose a massive hazard to birds, turtles, dolphins and other marine creatures after swallowing or becoming entangled in plastic bags blown out to sea. Turtles easily mistake plastic bags for yummy jellyfish.

Another wreck for Hurghada - the Mohammed Hasabella

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Situated just two minutes sailing from Emperor Divers' marina is the wreck of the Mohammed Hasabella, an Egyptian fishing trawler.

New Emperor trips & excursions for all

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In Emperor's Red Sea, there is a host of things to see and do. With these excursions on water and land there's every opportunity to make your diving holiday even more memorable.

I may be older than the rest but boy I can dive

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Report by Derek Oldham aboard Emperor Superior, August 08

Melton Divers last week enjoyed the pure luxury of Emperor's super class boat, Superior. Joining the boat after an eventful flight on the Friday evening, it was pleasant to be welcomed by the efficiency of the guide to the boat.



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