Let's hear it for the oldest divers

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Last month, we told you about Aubrey Humphrey who held the record for being Emperor Nuweiba's oldest diver. We did ask you to let us know of older divers and that's exactly what Roy Monk and Derek Oldham did forthwith.

Roy is a sprightly 83 this month. Roy tells us, "I discovered snorkelling gear in the south of France in 1950 and started diving in 1953 as a founder member of No 2 Branch of BSAC in Manchester in the days when we made our own gear - demand valve from a calor gas reducing valve, U tube as a depth gauge, wet suit out of 3mm rubber hospital bedding protection..."

Derek and his instructor, Janice Humm

No 2 Branch is now in Oldham and Roy has the privilege of being their President.

Derek Oldham wrote and told us, "Thanks to Terry and Janice at Melton Divers I have nearly finished the Advanced Open water course in my fourth year of diving at 78 and 6 months old." Derek's other element is the air as he is also a fully licensed pilot with some 600 hours clocked up - and riding trials bikes (not in the air)! All this in between running his Vauxhall dealership in Melton Mowbray.

And as this newsletter goes out, Derek will be returning from a liveaboard holiday with Emperor aboard Superior heading for Elphinstone and all the Brothers. Derek has promised a report and photos for our next newsletter! 

So, there is life in the old divers yet and what a fantastic achievement. Keep them coming!

Does anyone know of any diver older or who has been diving as long? Drop me a line at pred@emperordivers.com or visit Emperor's Forum and have your say!

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