Endemol and Emperor in new online travel series -The Gap Year

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Producers from Endemol UK have filmed a new online travel series, The Gap Year
www.bebo.com/thegapyear, and chose Emperor Divers to put two gap travellers through their PADI Open Water course in Sharm El Sheikh.

Amy goes diving!Amy O'Connor (Australian) and Cara Cioni (American) had their experience of diving the warm Red Sea waters filmed on two videos; one filmed by Director Liz Madeley, the other by Director Saffron Jackson.

Join the girls at these direct links to the two diving videos on The Gap Year site: http://www.bebo.com/watch/7644743690

Amy also wrote a 'from the heart' blog, which you can see here http://www.bebo.com/BlogView.jsp?MemberId=6256191109&BlogId=7685198175 - or read it right below...

An underwater PADIdise by Amy O'Connor
Amy O'Connor with Gap Year buddie and Duncan, Sharm dive centre managerIt's easy to see why we know more about the moon's surface than we do about the ocean bed... the sea is a wondrous underwater paradise.

Completing my PADI open water diving certification has been one of the most rewarding achievements of the Gap Year yet...

Breathing under water for the first time was magical - and achieving neutral buoyancy felt like flying. Diving gives you permission to defy the rules of nature - it is the closest a human being can come to having superhuman

Being underwater is the most relaxing place to be. You breathing slows down, your senses are amplified and you notice detail that, in today's hectic life, generally passes you by.

On ascent from our final open water dive, I took one last breath from the regulator before surfacing and felt a real sense of accomplishment. I gained not only a certification to add to my name, but an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime.

And the best part of all - I got to share this incredible experience with my friends, Cara and Matty.

Cara Cioni with dive guide Terry and teamThank you so much to Emperor Divers, in particular Duncan and Terry, for looking after us so well - your energy and fun spirit made the experience all the better!

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