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How has the nature of diving changed in Sharm?

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Dive instructor, Terry Axam, shares his past.

I remember a time when you could jump into the back of a pick up truck and go anywhere for 3LE (30p) regardless of how many people it was carrying. I remember living in an area called Hey El Nour thinking I was doing really well because I had just come from a guest house (if you could call it that!) called the Pigeon House. At the time I had opted for the slightly more expensive 50LE per night room because it was a proper room with fan, not a bamboo hut! I still had to use the communal bathroom, but even this I considered better than another area of Sharm called Hadaba. It had no roads, no lights and you really took your life into your own hands if you were taking a trip there. If you fell down one of the numerous holes, you'd never be found! I remember shouting up to the roof to my flatmate to give our satellite dish a kick just to get a fuzzy BBC world picture that we would watch because we were too broke to go out. I remember getting my guests on a Monday and diving with them for 6 days solid. A night dive and trips to Dunraven and Thistlegorm were regarded the normal itinerary for the week. Divers checked out on Saturdays and we blew the tip money in "Camel" that evening and recovered on the Sunday.

Sharm was a Mecca for divers in the Red Sea throughout the 80's and 90's, but as it has expanded over the years many divers have moved on to pastures new like Marsa Alam and Port Ghalib believing that they "have done Sharm". The dive product in Sharm offered by all the dive centres was pretty much the same, daily diving from boats at Ras Mohammed, Tiran or local dive sites...nothing new.

Marsa Alam - sailfish & dolphins

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After a great day at Dolphin House, where the dolphins were as friendly as usual, the boat was heading back to port when a large black fin was seen cutting through the waves ahead. As the boat approached the guides where thinking Whale Shark but when they got up close it was a beautiful Sailfish. The picture here was taken by a guide from the boat and shows just how colourful these magnificent creatures are.

It's Red Sea Bash party time again

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Highlights from the Red Sea Bash 2007 in Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Sharm El Sheikh


Its popularity grows each year so, back by divers' demand, it's your chance to join in the annual Emperor Red Sea Bash.

Book today for Hurghada, Sharm or Marsa Alam and get set to enjoy some great diving and fun events throughout June and July.

Win lots of prizes including:

  • 1 x 5-day dive pack per centre each week (at a dive centre of your choice)
  • 2 x 3-day dive packs per centre each week (at a dive centre of your choice)
  • FREE Nitrox
  • FREE dives
  • FREE beer
  • FREE Emperor T-shirts (for those must-have fashionistas) for everyone who checks in!
  • Dive accessories
  • Special reduced-rate trips
  • Quiz nights
  • UK dive magazine subscriptions
  • And last but by no means least - Impressive Prizes for the incredibly popular Underwater Treasure Hunt

By dive instructor Steve Kehoe (now reinstated in his rightful place in Sharm)

If you have ever visited Sharm on a diving holiday you may have heard the expression 'Sharmed out'. There's no Oxford English dictionary definition of 'Sharmed out' but basically it means you are fed up of taxi drivers, shopkeepers and not being able to get pork products. After three years or so that was me. So how did I relieve my 'Sharmed out' affect? Easy, move back to the UK. That'll work!

So I did and worked in the dive industry there. What a fantastic move or it was for the first couple of hours! During my 10-month exile from Sharm I sampled the various delights of UK diving, making my decision to return to Sharm all the easier.



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