NEW! Overnight trips to Ras Mohamed

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The dive sites:

Shark & Yolanda Reef: - The most famous dive site in Sharm and one of the top ten dive sites of the world. Strong currents can make this an exhilarating drift dive along sheer walls leading to beautiful coral gardens and the wreck of Yolanda. The possibility of Black Tipped Reef Sharks swimming with spiralling Barracuda and shoals of Snapper, Batfish and Unicorn fish are not uncommon. Not to mention the Turtles, Rays, Napoleon fish and numerous Moray Eels.

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Dunraven: - Lying on a sloping plateau against the reef plate the Dunraven's upturned keel ranges from 15m at the bow down to 28m at the entry point. The 19th century steamers propeller is fully exposed and is great for that perfect wreck picture just before you enter the stern. As you pass her boilers and explore her interior you'll be amazed at the numbers of Glassfish that live inside. Once you exit, the remainder of the dive is spent looking for the numerous Stonefish that live on this vibrant reef.

Alternatives: - Situated on the west side of Ras Mohamed are a series of outcropping coral pinnacles, where you can find numerous coral genera, large groupers, stingrays, nudibranches and even leopard sharks. Ideal for night dives due to a maximum depth of 12 m around the coral pinnacles, which are extremely well sheltered.

Here's your sample itinerary:
Day one
10.30 - Depart from Travco Jetty
Dive one - Shark & Yolanda Reef
13.30 - Lunch
Dive two - Dunraven
Night dive - Alternatives
21.30 - Dinner

Day two
Dive one - Shark & Yolanda Reef
7.00 - Breakfast
Dive two - Dive site in Ras Mohammed
10.30 - Arrive back to Travco Jetty

This trip is weather/ wind dependent and shark sightings can not be guaranteed.

Cost of trip: 99 Euro includes night dive and second day's diving.
165LE extra - Ras Mohamed park fees and food (paid in cash on the day

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