Fraser and 'new Red Sea species'

According to dive guides Ann Peeters and Anna Miasek, the following proved to be the perfect recipe on a recent liveaboard safari on Emperor Fraser;

1 x wonderful crew
2 x ace dive guides
Large helping of fabulous weather
Equal measure of amazing dives
8 x guests from all over the world

Says Ann, "These were the ingredients for a picture perfect safari. The guests might have arrived as couples or individuals but every one of us left as friends. The international language of diving and the love for diving formed a strong bond between all on board. We had Ronald and Natalie from Holland (Natalie saw her first manta), 0707 fraser divers.jpg
Matthias and Alex from Switzerland (they completed their 100 and 200 dives), Javier and Manuel from Spain, Tim from Belgium (on his first diving trip ever) and Shiori from Japan who, along with the prerequisite camera, captured the rest of the group either diving or relaxing and made a slideshow entitled 'New Red Sea species'. Sometimes also the guests and the crew deserve a thank you from us. And this is one of them thanks guys for a picture perfect safari."



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