NEW! One-day photo trip from Sharm to Nuweiba

Love underwater photography? Love this!

The diving and house reef at Nuweiba are a photographer’s dream. Seahorses, frogfish, anemonefish, glassfish, damsels and fusilier fish all make marvellous models.

Take this new one-day trip from Sharm to Nuweiba and hone your underwater photography skills in this picture paradise. You travel by road to arrive in Nuweiba in time for breakfast and your first dive is planned for around 9am on The Pipeline or The Sinkers, depending on current and weather.

The Pipeline is actually two pipes, around 5 metres apart. Over the years they have become riotous with soft corals and small table corals, which have attracted an abundance of fish. You’ll find jackfish, grouper, parrotfish and sometimes leopard rays.

The Sinkers is a shipping buoy that was dropped into water that was too deep. It now lies at 8 - 12 metres and has become encrusted in coral. Schools of blue fusilier fish shoot up and down at full speed chased by jackfi

The Sinkers, Nuweiba

At the buoy itself, you’ll be spoiled for choice - glassfish, damsels and banded boxer shrimps abound.

After your morning dive, you’ll have a surface interval back at the hotel before doing a second dive at about 11am on the hotel’s house reef – and it’s on this house reef that you will discover why so many ardent photographers return to Nuweiba time and time again.

0607 nuweiba diversbeach.jpg
Happy divers

In the afternoon, you can use the hotel facilities for some relaxation or go snorkelling on the house reef before making the journey back to Sharm, complete with an impressive portfolio!

Cost 85 Euro includes breakfast, lunch, 2 dives, transfers and use of the Hilton facilities.
Please note this is in addition to the daily diving rate
Diving experience: Open Water diver




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