Tekstreme Hurghada has a successful first year

Following on from the creation of Emperor Divers' own technical diving training centre in Sharm, Tekstreme Diving expanded over to Hurghada at the beginning of 2006.

In only its first year of operation on the mainland, Tekstreme Hurghada has rapidly grown into one of the biggest technical dive centres in the area with several technical guides, instructors and an instructor trainer amongst the full-time staff.
0407 tech Ready for the depths!.JPG

With stunning reef walls dropping to beyond 150m and more than 10 wrecks accessible by day boat in depths ranging from 20m to 110m, there is an amazing variety of sites on offer to all levels of technical divers.

Hurghada was also proud to certify 48 new technical divers in courses ranging from Advanced Nitrox up to Advanced Trimix and a number of Instructor courses.

Tekstreme Hurghada is also responsible for providing all the technical diving support to guests coming out on the numerous liveaboard trips with the Emperor Fleet department with more and more divers requesting rebreather support or open circuit technical equipment.

Facilities are of a high standard and include a booster pump, rebreather cylinders, sofnolime and enough twinsets and stage tanks to accommodate up to 12 open circuit technical divers at any one time.

For more information, click here for Tekstreme's website



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