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Bay closes to protect Dugongs

From 16 May, 2007, the bay at Marsa Abu Dabab (Marsa Alam area) has been closed to all water-based activities. This includes diving, snorkelling, boating and any other activities that could interfere with the natural behaviour of the resident dugong (sea cow) population. Concern over the harassment of these creatures, and the threat to their continued presence, has led to this decision by the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA).

Whilst limiting the activities of our daily diving and safari operations in the area, we are sure, like us, you can empathise with this this decision as a necessary means to protect this endangered species.

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To mark their 6th year as Nuweiba dive centre managers, Andy & Steffi are offering up to 45 Euros off a selection of courses. Book yours today, make a saving AND celebrate with Emperor Nuweiba:

Hammerhead in Marsa Alam

Dive Centre manager, Phil Natural, reports...

Ingrid becomes one of only 110 Gold Course Directors

Fewer than 110 people in the world have achieved Gold Course Director level in the Frequent Trainer Program, 2007, but Emperor Diver's team member, Ingrid Wittmann, is one of the elite!

Tekstreme Hurghada has a successful first year

Following on from the creation of Emperor Divers' own technical diving training centre in Sharm, Tekstreme Diving expanded over to Hurghada at the beginning of 2006.

NEW! Eco Safaris - sex on the reefs

Learn all about corals and reef ecology, fish and fish ecology, sex on the reefs, sharks and reef conservation. Emperor Divers has launched a new Eco-dive safari, which will teach guests the fundamentals of underwater ecosystems and why marine life behaves the way it does.

Why, for instance, are some fish monogamous and others polygamous - and why should that affect their colouring?

Click here for full details and photos



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