New wreck close to Hurghada

Recently, one of Hurghada’s inshore dive sites received an ‘extension’ to the attraction it offers. The well known site of ‘El Mina’, the Egyptian Naval Mine Sweeper which sank in the harbour adjacent to the ferry port, now has a new neighbour.

The fishing boat ‘Mohammed Hasabella’ sank whilst on the ‘El Mina’ moorings and now sits perfectly upright on the seabed in 34m at the bow and 29m at the stern. The main deck starts at 29m in the bow area rising to 24m at the rear of the wreck, whilst the shallowest part is at 20m. She can be found by swimming to the stern of ‘El Mina’, taking a bearing of due South, and swimming for around 45m where her bows will rise from the seabed in front of you.
new wrck1_0207.jpg

At the time of writing, the boat is virtually intact, including most of the windows, doors, hatches and, unfortunately, some of the nets, so a little care needs to be taken when swimming around the decks. There are also still some ropes and old tyres scattered around that should be avoided for safety. The companion ways on the main deck area are easily big enough to swim along with normal scuba gear or even twin set and stage cylinder for those wanting to explore the wreck for a little bit longer! Penetration of the inner areas, such as the engine room or holds, would prove extremely tricky as the doors and hatches for these are fairly small.

new wreck2_0207.jpg
Unsurprisingly, there is hardly any coral growth on the wreck yet, but in direct contrast to this, swimming round by the rudder and propeller reveals some very well established Klunzinger’s soft coral in pinks and purples, with enough growth to show that this boat has not been used for a long while!

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