Martin Edge - 'best night dive ever' in Nuweiba

Renowned and respected underwater photographer, Martin Edge, and his son, Jamie, recently visited Emperor Nuweiba. Jamie was all set to take the Advanced OW course, whilst Martin met some Spanish Dancers.

As well as numerous day dives, Martin also did a couple of night dives to hopefully catch a glimpse of the impressive Spanish Dancers. And this is where Nuweiba comes into its own, with a virtual guarantee to see these Dancers on just about every night dive. With cameras at the ready, and after only 10 minutes underwater, the first thing we came across were four squid at the edge of the reef. A rather impressive start, with Martin taking photos galore. Not more than a couple of minutes later, there she was! The lady of the night in all her glory and, of course, more photos ensued.

1106 Nuweiba 1 Spanish Dancer photo by Martin Edge_sm.jpg

Photo by Martin Edge

A little bit further and there was yet another one, and after double checking to make sure they weren't one and the same, by the time we returned to the second one, she was strutting her stuff and dancing!

Four Spanish Dancers later, Martin was a very happy man and claimed it was his best night dive ever - and only the second time in 20 years of diving that he had seen a Spanish Dancer, let alone seen one dance.

1106 Nuweiba 2 photo by Jamie Edge_sm.jpg

1106 Nuweiba 3 photo by Jamie Edge_sm.jpg

Photos by Jamie Edge

Needless to say that yet another night dive was done with much the same success. At the end of the week, Martin was so impressed with the area, that he is planning to take out photography groups in the near future to do the same thing.

On another high note, Jamie also finished his AOW and achieved his Nitrox qualification, and judging by the quality of his photos, he's already following in his father's footsteps! The Nuweiba team also say thanks to Martin for kindly leaving a copy of his highly acclaimed book, The Underwater Photographer, for the staff and future guests of Emperor Nuweiba.

And you can see more of Martin's work right here.



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