Rare impersonator found in Nuweiba

The Emperor Divers' team in Nuweiba, Steffi and Andy Diez, sent news of a rare impersonator found on the house reef recently.

Guests, Evette and John Swindale, came across the little chap and took this photo of the Mimic Octopus. He must have had a long journey from his home in Sulawesi, Indonesia, which is where they were first found in 1988. The mimic can impersonate a range of marine life including sea snakes, lionfish and flatfish in order to avoid predators.
nuweiba mimic octopus_1006.jpg

All octopus species are highly intelligent and change their colour and skin texture to fool predators, but until the Mimic octopus was discovered scientists didn't know about the amazing ability to impersonate other animals. Move over Rory Bremner!



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