Red Sea Lionfish - what a response!

Last month we told you about a new form of lionfish found in the Red Sea, which has evolved feather-like tentacles where one or both have a sharply defined black eye spot with a white ring around it.

We asked for anyone who had seen one to let us know. And you did! Thanks to everyone who got in touch and sent their photos, and for agreeing to us using a montage of these. Here's the roll call of those who responded:

Silke Baron, Helen Chambers, Graham Wilson (and he apologises for the poor photo quality), Colm Heron, Allison Brown, Chris Logan and Jon Holmes (England).

lionfish2_silke baron.jpg

There isn't room right here to show all your photos, but click here to visit our photo gallery and you'll see them all in their glory. We chose the one above simply because Silke was the first to respond! No favouritism, we assure you!



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