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OK, summer is still with us, but it's time to think ahead and plan where you're going to spend your Christmas festivities.

NEW! Family diving facilities in Sharm

Is enough being done for divers with families? It seems that the general consensus thinks not, which is why Emperor Divers is once again proving that they listen to the majority and have responded to guests' needs.

Soma Bay receives 'Red Sea Defender' Award

Emperor Soma Bay's Manager, Denise Fletcher, recently received the 'Red Sea Defender' award from the Governor of the Red Sea in recognition of the dive centre's work in helping HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association).

Dahab - Help the environment - get a free 3rd dive

Join Emperor Dahab for the next Project Aware International Beach and Underwater Cleanup Day. September 16 is the date for your diary. The team in Dahab are co-ordinating the event and are planning to clean up the Masbat dive site, which is right in front of the dive centres. And when you do your bit for the environment, Emperor will give you a 3rd dive for free!

Red Sea Lionfish - what a response!

Last month we told you about a new form of lionfish found in the Red Sea, which has evolved feather-like tentacles where one or both have a sharply defined black eye spot with a white ring around it.



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