Soma Bay to host underwater golf game!

This September, Emperor's Soma Bay dive centre will host John Lax, a PADI Master Scuba Diver, who will be rising to a rather unusual challenge from his work colleagues!

John will be attempting to hit a golf ball 50 metres underwater in a bid to raise money for MenCap, the UK charity for the mentally handicapped. In true style, Denise Fletcher, Manager of Soma Bay, has assured John that her team will be on hand to make sure there is no damage done to the reef - and has even kindly invited the Golf Pro from the resort (who happens to be a Rescue Diver) to give John a few tips!

Anyone know the underwater signal for 'FORE'?

Interesting fact (well we think so)...
The word 'fore' is Scottish in origin, and is a shortened version of the word 'before' or 'afore.' The old Scottish warning, essentially meaning "look out'
'Fore' logically stems from the Middle English meaning of fore as 'ahead' or 'front', as in foreman, foremost, etc., or more particularly 'too far forward' in the case of an overhit ball. Sources suggest the golf term was in use by the late 1870's. The use of the 'fore' prefix in the context of a warning or pre-emptive action was established long ago in similar senses: forewarn, foretell, forestall, and foresee, etc., (foresee actually dates back to the 1200's).



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