Hurghada signs up for the Sharks & Dolphins Sighting program

Emperor Hurghada has joined the Sharks & Dolphins Sighting program, organised by the Abu Salama Society, which started its research activities in 1995. It aims to record sightings of vertebrates, including both dolphins and sharks through a network of volunteers who are concerned about the large marine vertebrate’s welfare.

The Society doesn't have the resources to cover the 800km of Red Sea coast and, therefore, needs help to identify and measure threats. Sighting information can tell us a lot about dolphin and shark movements, providing vital information that can be used to determine future research and management priorities. See below for some fascinating sightings in Hurghada!

Abu Salama Society is a non-profit organisation based in the Red Sea. The Society aims to protect the marine mammals on the South coast of the Egyptian Red Sea.



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