New York bouquet for Sharm

"The people were great, the equipment top notch and the diving superb." Read more from Doug Young of New York - and no, we didn't pay him!

We came to Sharm at the end of a 2-week trip to Egypt. Not having a lot of time to investigate or plan for an extensive diving experience, I asked a colleague for a referral to a dive operation in the Red Sea area. He put me on to Emperor Divers, and through the website, we were able to quickly and easily hook up for the 2 days, including the diving logistics and arrangement of our rental gear. (I usually cringe at the thought of rental gear, but with only the 2 days, we decided not to carry our gear with us).

Upon arrival, the large team took great care of us, quickly setting up our diving, getting the right-fitting gear, and even making the payment process painless. The crew on the boats were great, extensive pre-dive briefing like I have rarely seen elsewhere, and the groupings of divers into like experience and plans was excellent.

In the water, our divemaster/guide brought the diveplan to life, pointing out some of the remarkable creatures we encountered, while allowing our group flexibility in our pace and path, including extra time at the end of the dive to further explore and slowly ascend from our dives. This was repeated for each of our 5 dives.

As a diving professional, I have had the opportunity to dive with a large number of operations and in many locations around the world, and the short experience with Emperor Divers convinced us that we would indeed have to return for a dedicated dive trip to more fully explore the Red Sea area (and undoubtedly with Emperor Divers).

The people were great, the equipment top notch and the diving superb. Thanks again to the whole crew for a wonderful couple of days, and a lifetime of memories.
Doug Young, New York, USA, November 2005



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