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Update on Soma Bay Al Kahfain wreck

In our last newsletter, we wrote about a new wreck off Soma Bay/Safaga, the Al Kahfain.

Richie Pett kindly contacted us to ask about the safety of the wreck. True to Emperor Divers' thoroughness, Denise Fletcher, Dive Centre Manager, Soma Bay and Paul Vinten, Tekstreme Instructor and wreck specialist, Hurghada, dived the wreck on 21 December. Their comprehensive report follows:

New York bouquet for Sharm

"The people were great, the equipment top notch and the diving superb." Read more from Doug Young of New York - and no, we didn't pay him!

Whale shark adventures in Marsa Alam

Guests of Emperor Divers in Marsa Alam enjoyed a 'fantastic close encounter' with an attention-grabbing huge whale shark this week!



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