Tracy Goldsmith wins Liveaboard Adventure

Thanks to the everyone who entered the Emperor Divers/Sportif competition at the NEC DIVE 2005 show recently.

Tracy Goldsmith of Northampton was the fortunate winner. Here's a little background on Tracy and her diving adventures so far. Tracey and her husband will be guests of Emperor Divers and Sportif aboard Emperor Infinity, sailing from Hurghada!

"I’ve been diving since 1993 and managed about 700 dives so far. Some of these have been in the UK and a lot have been in warmer waters, including quite a few in the Red Sea on day boats from both Sharm and Hurghada. I dive with my husband and we’ve been talking about doing a liveaboard for a while but never seemed to get around to it.

Tracy 02.JPG

Best Dive – probably a shark feed in the Bahamas with Stuart Coves out of New Providence. Being surrounded by 25+ Caribbean Reef sharks and having them actually bump you as they go for the fish was fantastic. It really made me appreciate how perfectly adapted, and how misunderstood, these beautiful fish really are.

Strangest Dive – probably diving in a lake in Austria in January. We had gone to do an Ice Diving course unfortunately there had been too much warm weather and so…no ice! We still did some dives in water temperatures of 3 to 4 degrees, clambering down snow covered banks to get into the water. There was some good vis but unfortunately nothing to see as all of the fish had gone to the deep water for the winter.

Having said that we’ve had hundreds of fantastic, interesting and sometimes strange dives, and of course one or two where you wish you’d stayed away from the water that day.

I’m really looking forward to the liveaboard trip and I’m sure we’ll have a great time.

Thanks to Emperor Divers for the prize and Sportif for organising the trip for us."



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