Thanks! You voted Emperor Best Dive Centre Worldwide!

Divers have voted Emperor Divers one of the best Dive Centres Worldwide 2005 by Divers Click online voting.

The award recognises 222 dive centres on a worldwide scale, with Emperor coming in as one of the Top Quality Dive Businesses of 2005.


Divers Click is an online award that received over 8000 reviews of Dive Centres in under 12 months. The winners were judged not on the quantity, but the quality of the reviews received from all levels of divers from all over the world.

The Award focuses on the quality of customer service and the overall diving experience that the divers receive in each resort and dive centre and aims to be a clear reflection of divers’ votes worldwide.

Look out for the announcements in diving publications both online and offline.

A hearty thanks to everyone who voted – your time and effort is very much appreciated!



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