Tekstreme meets Thresher Shark in Hurghada

Paul Vinten, Tekstreme Hurghada, reports on an inspiring dive…

I was diving with Johan Duits from Holland, a visiting diver, who brought his Megalodon rebreather. We did 2 deep trimix dives on the beautiful deeper reefs, at which the huge fan corals & soft corals extend down beyond 100m deep.

Anyway, we dived Small Giftun Island, doing the famous drift dive down the east wall. Our dive plan was 15 minutes at 100m. 10 minutes into the dive I heard Johan shouting into his rebreather mouthpiece. With the high percentage of helium in his breathing mix he sounded like Minnie Mouse, so I couldn't understand a word he was saying, but he was gesticulating madly back up the wall.

I looked up to see a big shark cruising about 15 metres above us. As it came closer and became silhouetted against the ambient light, a huge unmistakable tail became apparent - it was a Thresher Shark! On a Hurghada day site!

It gently cruised over the top of us along the wall, completely ignoring us two divers in its territory and continued on its journey towards the north end of the island.

We both looked at each other with beaming grins. For the duration of our 70 minutes of ascent and decompression we certainly had something to occupy our minds! No photos I'm afraid, but what an experience!

Shortly after Paul sent this report, a Leopard shark was seen on Goto Ramada West - Hurghada appears to be the place for sharks right now!



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