Spring has sprung in Soma Bay

Denise Fletcher, Emperor's Soma Bay manager, has been having a busy time of it recently with lots of marine life sightings...

A 3m dugong was seen passing the house reef, but didn't hang around for long, but long enough for a student on an Open Water dive to get a welcome look!

Then two mantas called in for a visit, an adult and a baby, measuring less than 1m across, but a perfect copy of its mum.

Two turtles have taken up residency on the house reef and have buddied up with reef divers, whilst the already resident morays look set to produce babies if recent activities prove fruitful!

Panorama continues to charm Soma Bay guests with the Napolean Wrasse family out in force. Mum is now well over 1.5m and swims around with daughter and grand-daughter in tow.

But the highlight has been the sighting of two black tip reef sharks in the lagoon, especially on still, calm afternoons when the tide is high! So make for Soma Bay and enjoy the view!



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