March 2005 Archives

It's twins! Emperor are delighted to announce the arrival of two brand new Red Sea liveaboards! Liveaboard diving just got better...

Kirstie wins Luxury Liveaboard Holiday!

Kirstie Hewes from Billericay was the ever-so-lucky winner of the Dive Sportif/Emperor Divers LIDS competition. Which means that Kirstie and a pal will be heading to the Red Sea this year to dive from Emperor's brand new luxury liveaboard - Emperor Elite!

Dive into the latest fashion - new Red Sea range

Emperor Divers, Hurghada, held a fashion show recently at the Hilton Resort to launch a new range of fashion, designed with the diver in mind.

Hurghada gives Magawish a spring clean!

Emperor Divers’ Hurghada, along with HEPCA, PADI and Coca Cola Int, launched their environmental campaign in March to clean up the dive sites in the area...with pleasing results!



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