Oceanic White Tips galore! Fraser and Kev come up trumps!

So you want to see sharks? Head for Elphinstone! Kev Moore did aboard Fraser, and had the dive of his life - luckily he had his camera!

kev_oceanicdiver2.jpgKev Moore and his partner set off from Marsa Alam for a liveaboard adventure aboard Fraser recently. Towards the end of the week, Kev dived Elphinstone with its sheer walls covered in soft corals. Here you sometimes see Hammerheads, sometimes you meet Grey Reef Sharks.

This time, Kev encountered a number of Oceanic White Tips over the last two days of his holiday.

"A simply fantastic way to finish a truly great diving holiday," says Kev.kev_oceanic1.jpgThese photos were taken over the two days, some at dusk, on the Southern plateau of Elphinstone Reef. Thanks for sharing them with us Kev!

Which just goes to show that the dive sites around Hurghada and Marsa Alam have some fantastic diving to offer!



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