Emperor Divers' Dahab - Blue Hole Project

The Blue Hole, arguably the Sinai's most famous technical dive site, is about to be explored and recorded in an exciting project by technical divers from Emperor Divers' Dahab.

Using Extended range equipment and techniques, Emperor Dahab's manager and photographer David Peart and underwater artist Jim Pickup will spend ten days recording the physical features of the hole on digital film and canvas. The results of the project will be exhibited for a week in Dahab and prints will be available for sale during and after the exhibition.

Project creator, David Peart, says that the Blue Hole is a much misunderstood site and hopes that the project will encourage people to take technical training before attempting the deeper parts.

If you are an extended range diver, visit Emperor Divers' Dahab and let Jim or David take you through the famous archway at 55 metres. Not an extended range diver? Emperor Divers Dahab offers the full range of TDI courses, up to and beyond extended range. Why not make the Blue Hole Archway the final dive of your extended range course?

Email: reservations@emperordivers.com



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