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Emperor Divers' Dahab - Blue Hole Project

The Blue Hole, arguably the Sinai's most famous technical dive site, is about to be explored and recorded in an exciting project by technical divers from Emperor Divers' Dahab.

Save the Sharks...and other endangered species!

Nick Hanna, diving journalist for the national press, has sent us some information on shark-finning. Read it, then make your voice heard. These creatures can't!

New! Hurghada nightclub - Emperor Divers special offer

Hurghada's nightlife is seriously coming alive with a number of new bars and nightclubs opening up. Emperor Divers, as always with its finger on the pulse, has organised a great discount for you at the latest venue - Liquid Lounge.

NEW! First ever IDC in Dahab!

Emperor Divers runs its first Instructor Development Course in Dahab.

New! Emperor online Dive Shop

Get fully kitted out at Emperor's new online dive shop!



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