Vancouver Freediving Championships - final results!

The AIDA World Championships 2004 was a close competition with everything hanging on static today (11 August).

Dave Harries as the 'ultimate alternate' who entered as an independent competitor, beat the UK static record with an amazing performance of 5 mins 58 seconds but only stayed at the top for about two hours. He has ended as the top independent overall.

He was beaten by Sam Still, with a fantastic 6 mins 14 seconds! Dave King had a comfortable 5 mins 56 and Mark Harris with a touch 5 min 47 seconds. It was tense but they all pulled through with clean performances to put them in second place overall.

The UK women gave solid safe performances today in static with Anne-Marie pulling off 4 mins 27 seconds, which is a personal best in competition. Hannah played safe and came up at 3 mins 56 seconds, Suzanne also played safe and came up at 4 mins 15 seconds but was given red cards from the judges,

This was appealed and Suzanne won the UK women’s ending in 4th place overall.

Superb performances from the whole of the team place the UK as a whole as third in the world!

Congratulations to the whole team for striking performances and dynamics.

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