That Ole Devil Ray

Report from Fefe Morisod, Emperor dive instructor/guide

We recently ventured on a south safari (4 May - 11 May) where we did an early morning dive at Shaab Maksou south - one of the best dive sites in the Fury Shoal area. On our final dive, a huge ray passed by in the middle of the divers and start playing with them.

From the picture, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a Manta Ray, but it isn't! This is a Devil Ray - even rarer than Mantas!

We were busy looking at this graceful animal, when to our delighted surprise, four more joined in. They performed an incredible underwater ballet and every single guest and us dive guides were just mesmerised. This is truly a dive we are not going to forget.

Pics: Britta Faesel



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