NEW! NoTanx Freediving courses

Ideal for snorkelers who want to go that bit deeper - and divers who want to get more from their tank - FREEDIVING courses are already proving popular at Emperor’s Soma Bay diving centre and is now also on offer at Emperor’s Hurghada dive centre.

NoTanx Freediving School is run in conjunction with Emperor Divers and is far removed from the sort of freediving associated with Tanya Streeter! It’s the next step to snorkeling, which is easy and fun for everyone.

Emperor’s instructors can teach the snorkeling techniques required in just a few simple stages. If snorkelers or divers want to go that bit deeper then Emperor’s new freediving package is ideal for meeting the fish face to face on a single breath!

Freediving is a safe and thoroughly stimulating experience and can be enjoyed by anyone under the instruction and supervision of a professional instructor.

Soma Bay is ideal for both snorkeling and freediving, with a jetty running from the dive centre to the house reef with a large turquoise-blue lagoon directly in front. Conditions are ideal for beginners - natural, safe and calm within sheltered waters. Emperor’s dive centre in Hurghada also offers similar courses.

Once the basics have been mastered, there are a number of freediving or snorkeling trips available taking in night dives, wreck adventures, fish identity, photography and many more.
Breathing relaxation courses are also available for general in-water relaxation and especially for heavy-breathing scuba divers who want to extend dive times. After just one session, divers will notice a significant difference in the amount of gas they normally guzzle!

Prices start from just 70 Euros for a one-day Discovery course.

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