Dolphin House Reef re-opens

Dolphin House Reef has re-opened with new rules and regulations.

No more than 100 divers and 100 snorkelers per day with a maximum of 20 people per boat wil be allowed in the area. Visiting times are from 10am -2pm.

A large area has been set aside solely for the dolphins. No divers, snorkelers or boats are allowed across this line.

Dolphin House is now included in the list of National Parks of Egypt and all people entering are subject to a 105 Egyptian Pound entry fee. A strict protocol, enforced by Red Sea Rangers, must be followed by guides taking people to snorkel with the dolphins.

Emperor Divers applauds and congratulates the Egyptian Authorities for taking these steps to preserve this site and for recognising the necessity of limiting the amount of human traffic at Dolphin House. Emperor usually dives on the outer reef away from the dolphin area and as a result is now advising on future plans for the area, without penalising divers who won’t be diving or snorkeling with the dolphins.

Emperor will be taking its allocation of tickets for people who do want to visit the dolphins, of course, but are equally aware that other divers simply want to dive the area away from the dolphins without paying the entry fee.



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